Monday, January 5, 2009

Why I still Love Lampwork...after all these years

You don't hear from me for weeks and then...poof...I'm back several days in a row. ;-) There are days that I feel like blogging and then there are days that I don't. Then there are days that I forget my password. Well's some eye candy for ya.
Yeah, I know you heard my sad story before...I've said previously that I'm getting weary of making beads. I am but then I find a new glass that I'm intrigued by or open the kiln to find sets like below. I keep on coming back to lampwork because of the COLOR. This color scheme just does's in neutrals that will mix well with wire, stone, beadweaving, you name it. I did a total of 4 sets in these hues. I'm keeping at least one set for me to work with.
Ok...back to cleaning beads! I've got a kiln full and so now the ecky work begins.
Have a happy, creative day!

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