Monday, January 5, 2009

Lampwork Pictures...Yay!

I've finally got pictures (eye candy) processed. Believe it or not, it's really an ordeal to get all the beads organized (not to mention, cleaned), then the tracking numbers, then the layouts, then the pictures taken, and then the pictures processed. Then after all of that...I upload them to Etsy. I'm not's more to explain the process. Online is just as complicated as doing shows. Not as complicated as doing studio or trunk shows though...BUT each person is different in their tracking system and how they go about things. I've got a couple of friends that dislike doing trunk shows because of the hassle. Where as I enjoy them. I think I enjoy them because it's mostly ol'friends or people that I know that invite it's more of a social thing for me. Where as studio shows give me a reason to clean up the place. :-)
The colors of the above turned out well. The below is from my Dish series. I made several sets, in different sized barrels, because of the requests that I re-visit the series. I have to admit, they are easy to design with. If you like to mixed stone and glass together, they are perfect. They work well in chain or wire designs as well.

The below is a rarity for me...I normally don't make squeezed beads much anymore. I might have to change that. They are great for bracelets...smooth on the wrist with a large canvas area but aren't heavy. This is one of the shapes I use for my own jewelry. (Why it never occurred to make them for everyone else. I guess I normally keep most of them.)

More Color Gizmos...

Lampwork and Metal a bit of a rant

I haven’t been on the torch as much as I would like. It’s been a combo account of the lack of motivation and the cold. I knew moving from Austin would take a lot to get used to but…I had forgotten just how cold it get here compared to Texas. I’m freezing most of the time. I physically adjust to the warm, humid weather. Bob really didn't because he traveled so much.

Yes, I know that I will adjust and it just takes time but for right now, I’m still a bit grumpy. The grey skies get to me to. I miss the sunshine. Geez, I miss a lot of the people…the diversity…the educational level of conversations…the shopping (open markets)…the super fast, high speed Internet connections…sitting on my back deck in December without being wrapped up in a coat and long johns.

Now there are lots of things that I DON’T miss about Austin too. Like…the SUPER lousy traffic…all the traffic accidents when it rains…the snakes…drought and brown grass…being so far from my parents...the mongo sized bugs…always getting lost...not seeing the four seasons come into play…not staying in contact with my Midwestern friends...well there’s more. Both places have their pros and cons…don’t get me wrong. It just takes a bit to adjust. I guess I’m in my adjustment phase.

The biggest issue is that I didn’t count for the space I needed for my studio. Yep, you heard it before we moved and now you are hearing it again. What it comes down to is that I made a mistake. So next year, that issue is on the top of my list. More on that later. So once the studio moves (again) out of the house and I get used to the weather...I think life will be fine.
The above necklace is sample...something that I'm working on but not yet complete. It's one of my ideas that hasn't yet come full circle.
On the positive side, it's something that I would wear BUT the leaf is Bali Silver. OK but not what I'm going for. Yes I do metalsmithing but I'm thinking that PMC would be a better option for some of the pendants. I also think that some silversmithing is also in order...handforged clasp...maybe even some sterling tube beads. Then I'm also thinking about some beaded beads as well. Just thought you might like to see what I'm been playing with. If you have any ideas or comments...just get me a shout.
OK...I really am missing the torch so I'm off!
Have a happy, creative day...and stay warm and safe!

I'm alive...lots of new lampwork bead sets

Hello Everyone!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season! I've had enough time off and I'm back chained in the torcher chamber.

It's been a while...I've been spending most of my time on the torch. I let the beady dudes pile up on the photo desk. Eck, photography is the bain of my existence. Anyway, I've got lots of eye candy for ya.

Here's several sets from my "Color Gizmos" series.
The below isn't the best of pics but the purple hue is outstanding. I had to do a double encasement to get the color. Now if I can only remember what I used to get it. :-) Yeah, I know...maybe I need to keep better notes.
Classic black and white...
The below has a base of an odd lots that looks like Gaffer veiled glass. It's hard to see via the camera's eye but...well, I made three sets and I'm keeping two of them.

Another classic...

More Eye Candy...lots of MORE lampwork beady dudes

I took a break from my 'Color Gizmzo' series to work on a few ideas. One of them was fuming. I love the patterns in these. I would say that these are some of the nicest that I've made so far. My whole intention was to come up with lampwork that works well with stone beads. Yeah, I know you heard me say that time after time really isn't that easy. Most soft glass comes in colors that are more candy are garden hued.
So what happens is that I then have to come up with interesting but not organic looking jewelry. I also really like using lots of coral and turquoise. Not matter what they say, turquoise doesn't go with everything. :-)
The above has lots of 'stone' looking trails...where below has a blueish haze to it.

Now to another mini series. I LOVE the's a slim spree, that measures 21mm by 9mm thick. That makes them very chunky but light in weight. I've made several bracelets from these and ...well, they sold quickly. What I like about the shape is that work well for ascetically off center designs. I can use three beads at the base of the bracelet, then add several strands of smaller gemstones on the other half. The lampwork will keep the bracelet centered and laying well on the wrist plus will take most of the wear and tear. Lampwork, if annealed correctly, is Timex. Where stones like opal, coral, amber, or any of the copper based stones aren't.

The above and below, sans silvered glass but with lots of fine silver...

Below...I added some silvered that metallic sheen...

Why I still Love Lampwork...after all these years

You don't hear from me for weeks and then...poof...I'm back several days in a row. ;-) There are days that I feel like blogging and then there are days that I don't. Then there are days that I forget my password. Well's some eye candy for ya.
Yeah, I know you heard my sad story before...I've said previously that I'm getting weary of making beads. I am but then I find a new glass that I'm intrigued by or open the kiln to find sets like below. I keep on coming back to lampwork because of the COLOR. This color scheme just does's in neutrals that will mix well with wire, stone, beadweaving, you name it. I did a total of 4 sets in these hues. I'm keeping at least one set for me to work with.
Ok...back to cleaning beads! I've got a kiln full and so now the ecky work begins.
Have a happy, creative day!