Monday, January 5, 2009

More Eye Candy...lots of MORE lampwork beady dudes

I took a break from my 'Color Gizmzo' series to work on a few ideas. One of them was fuming. I love the patterns in these. I would say that these are some of the nicest that I've made so far. My whole intention was to come up with lampwork that works well with stone beads. Yeah, I know you heard me say that time after time really isn't that easy. Most soft glass comes in colors that are more candy are garden hued.
So what happens is that I then have to come up with interesting but not organic looking jewelry. I also really like using lots of coral and turquoise. Not matter what they say, turquoise doesn't go with everything. :-)
The above has lots of 'stone' looking trails...where below has a blueish haze to it.

Now to another mini series. I LOVE the's a slim spree, that measures 21mm by 9mm thick. That makes them very chunky but light in weight. I've made several bracelets from these and ...well, they sold quickly. What I like about the shape is that work well for ascetically off center designs. I can use three beads at the base of the bracelet, then add several strands of smaller gemstones on the other half. The lampwork will keep the bracelet centered and laying well on the wrist plus will take most of the wear and tear. Lampwork, if annealed correctly, is Timex. Where stones like opal, coral, amber, or any of the copper based stones aren't.

The above and below, sans silvered glass but with lots of fine silver...

Below...I added some silvered that metallic sheen...

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